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Our product range includes all components of chimney, ventilation and air conditioning systems, regardless of how high the requirements of our customers are.

Chimney cowls - draft amplifier

  1. 03.1

    Rotatable chimney cowls ROTOMAX

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  2. 03.2

    Static chimney tops

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Chimney cowles for ventilation

  1. 04.1

    TURBOMAX rotatable ventilation cowls

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  2. 04.2

    Static chimney tops

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Chimney systems

  1. 01.1

    Negative pressure chimney system:
    KS, KSZ, KD, KZD, KO, KB

    Designed for operation in negative pressure – for heating devices with an open combustion chamber.

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  2. 01.2

    Positive pressure chimney systems <200Pa:
    KK, KKD, KP, KPD

    Designed for operation in positive  pressure below  200 Pa – for heating devices with a closed combustion chamber.

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  3. 01.3

    Positive pressure chimney systems of the class H1:

    Designed for operation in positive pressure conditions up to 5000 Pa. For the removal of exhaust gases from power generators, combined heat and power units and other combustion engines.

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Ventilation systems

  1. 02.2

    Round ventilation ducts: SWR system

    System of round ducts and molded parts made of galvanized sheet metal.

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  2. 02.1

    Ventilation ducts: SWP

    Duct and molding system with a rectangular profile made of galvanized sheet metal.

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