TURBOMAX rotatable ventilation cowls

TURBOMAX rotating cowls are components of the KN system for use on ventilation ducts. They are basically  made of stainless steel and copper. The main function of TURBOMAX is to increase the ventilation draft, so to improve the exchange of air from inside of the building.

The main body of Turbomax is a rotating ball that is set in motion by the force of the wind. The design of Turbomax has the effect that when it rotates, a force that turns against the wind direction is generated, which protects the ventilation draft from its effects. To check the operation of Turbomax, simply bring your hand towards the rotating ball- you can immediately feel that the air is moving and that a kind of barrier is created between the cowl and the environment.

TURBOMAX cowls are available with pipe or base plate. The ventilation cowl  should be selected so that its shape and size are adapted to the existing exhaust duct and its base should cover the exhaust duct as much as possible.

A detailed description and dimensions of the itemised KN system components can be found in our catalogue under the DOWNLOAD link.