Round ventilation ducts: SWR system

We offer the SWR system, that is a system of pipes and shaped pieces for ventilation systems. The components of the SWR system are made of galvanized sheet metal and are therefore perfectly suited for ventilation systems where low weight and uncomplicated construction of the overall system are important. Another advantage is its relatively low price, which makes the SWR system so popular.

In order to meet customer expectations, Kominus continues to develop and introduces new elements of the SWR system to the market. The SWRD system is already available, consisting of insulated pipes, which insulation prevents excessive cooling of the ventilation pipes. This avoids problems with insufficient ventilation draft and the formation of condensation on the pipes. The insulated pipes consist of a galvanized steel insert, a 30 mm thick insulation and an outer jacket made of galvanized sheet metal.

A detailed description of the itemised system components can be found under the DOWNLOAD link.